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We connect web API to improve your website

A web API is an application programming interface (API) to exchange data between your web server or a customer web browser and a web service such as an Internet Booking Engine (IBE).

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    Discover our Web API connection services

    We can integrate a Web API both on the client side and the server side. We are experts in integrating web services developed specifically for the tourism industry.

    Server side Web API operates with your web server. Esario can solve interoperability challenges through XML Web API technologies. Our developers are experts in connecting websites with SOAP-based web services or RESTful web resources and developing customised interfaces.

    SOAP is a simple XML based protocol that allows applications to exchange information over HTTP. It’s a protocol to access web services. We can help you select the best web service suited to your needs and write the required interface to add new functionalities to your website.

    Representational State Transfer (REST) is a software architecture style for building scalable web services. RESTful resources communicate over the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) as a webpage. Therefore, it’s possible to integrate it with a server side programming language (as PHP) to add functionality.

    Client side web API is used to directly exchange data between the end user and the web service. You can offer to your customers a hotel website that combines content and services offered by other websites. Web API client site generally comprises javascript to embed onto your pages which permits direct interaction from the end user’s browser.

    Using this solution, you can, for example, integrate a booking engine (IBE), reviews left on sites such as Trip Advisor, your latest tweets, an interactive Google map, the latest weather forecast, etc.

    We can help you to select and integrate these web API or develop customised version specific to your needs.

    Use your hotel website to combine services. Nowadays, most hotels have a booking engine embedded in the page so that users can book a room. However, not all have complete integration of this booking engine onto their websites; the booking engine generally opens in an external window. Many providers allow a better integration through SOAP interface or other web API technologies. We can create the code necessary to connect these interfaces to your pages.

    We can also develop other customised web api to exchange data with PMS, CRS or Channel Manager.