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Implementation of a communication strategy to improve your customer reviews.

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    As a marketing and communication agency, Esario designs and produces all the relevant marketing material to get more guests to post reviews. Below are examples of methods we have implemented to reach this goal, with success.

    Digital marketing offers many ways of promoting your products and services. However, the profitability of these methods will depend on your company reputation and on how much trust people have in your brand.

    Our online reputation services start by auditing how you collect your reviews and track new articles that focus on your product and services. Any comments directed to you should be answered. The most commun complaints should be reported so that solutions can be provided.

    Improving your online reputation also requires a proactive, positive attitude and the desire to offer a better experience to your clients, before, during and after the buying process.

    Invite your guests to leave comments demonstrating a desire to be transparent. Below are some examples of ways in which to do so:

    • A welcome book in the room: include a page with link to both review websites and your social media profiles
    • Wifi landing page: when a guest use your free WiFi direct them to a landing page where they can review your hotel
    • Merchandising in the lift: add leaflets or message boards
    • Local area map: give a free local map to your guest during check-in and include a message inviting them to post reviews
    • Tablets at reception: ask your brand advocates if they would have time to add a review
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    After departure, keep in touch with your guests and invite them to describe their stay in your hotel:

    • Use tool such as TripAdvisor’s Review Express or send a follow-up email asking if they enjoyed their stay
    • Newsletter: add a section to solicit reviews.