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Conveying the unique character of your hotel brand or travel company.

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    Hotel logo design and brand positioning

    The conceptualisation of a logo is a complicated art involving the fusion of market placement and the hotel or company's individual character. The creative process in creating your logo comprises of three stages.

    We learn about your company. We meet with you, we analyse your character and what your hotel or your travel company transmits. We submit a questionnaire to your board in order to define the characteristics of your business and your market positioning.

    We review and analyse your competitors in your market segment and location. In our analysis, we evaluate hotels within the same market segment and hotels with a positioning slightly more upscale or downscale. Through this study, we learn how your competitors communicate so that we can avoid having a similar look. In defining what makes you different, we will better be equipped to convey your unique message.

    After the analysis of market and of questionnaires completed by our clients, we summarise the key features of your company while respecting your corporate values. At this stage, we define your visual identity a process which includes the selection of colours, fonts and finally a pictogram. Once this complete, we offer you three proposals which are then finalised according to the feedback of you, our client, in order to reach a decision regarding a definitive logo.