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Information architecture is the process of organising information

Define site hierarchies, web content, labelling, search facilities and navigation systems of a website.

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    The conception of a professional website begins by providing a detailed definition of the architecture of your information. This is done by following the steps below. A good information architecture will benefit your SEO and facilitate navigation of your website for your visitors.

    A website is not just a creativity project… If you ask an architect to design your house, you will give him information and requests: “There are four of us living here, we need two bathrooms, three bedrooms, one open kitchen, one living room and a plot of 5000 square ft.”
    When you write specifications of a website, you should respect the general rules, in order to enable your visitors to quickly identify both the topic and the subject of your website. Visitors should also be familiar with your navigation tools so that they can explore the services and products you offer. Information Architecture should facilitate indexation and ranking of your pages on search engines.

    Information architecture is the root of your website: it will define in detail, the pages, labels, menus, depth levels and different ways in which the user can access specific sections of your site.

    We will also provide a thesaurus of terms that copywriters will need to use on each page to help search engines display the most relevant page for each of your keywords. A website is not like a tree. It needs to provide different solutions and several paths through which to access the same content. The main menu offers a vertical navigation to deep content. A horizontal navigation should also be provided thanks to internal links inside category pages.

    The work carried out on your information architecture also affects your communication, design and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies. The IA will help you explain your business to your potential customers and improve user experience (UX). As we will focus each page on one specific concept of keywords, we’ll help search engines show the best page (or answer) on your website to user requests.