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Web Design is a difficult art

It needs to be visually pleasing, respect graphical brand standards, offer easy-to-use navigation for users and adapt to both technological and budget restrictions.

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    Best website design strategies

    Capture attention while respecting constraints, bear in mind usability, integrate loyalty tools, optimise for fast loading and don't forget coherence with the overall marketing strategy.

    Graphical design trends evolve over time. The challenge with a website is to make it both attractive and effective. Our visual designer respects all best practices to provide an intuitive navigation and to transmit your brand identity and concept trough images and colours. Your website can be both attractive and easy to use.

    Usability and design need to influence visitors and persuade them to act so that you can achieve your goals: visits, page views, transactions, sale revenue, email requests, phone calls…

    We design website thinking about the final user. The architecture of information should be clear, the navigation intuitive and the design responsive to adapt to various devices like desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

    Web design is a key tool used to promote your services or products, and should integrate all the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) best practices so that it can easily be found by your potential customers.

    A modern website should contain all the information needed by a search engine to index its pages correctly: title tag, meta description, correct use of html tags, breadcrumbs, rich snippets, html and xml sitemaps and so on.

    When an user lands on your site and begins to discover your products and services, it is important that you implement dedicated features to be able to contact them again and stay at the forefront of their mind. Integration of loyalty tools like newsletters to inform of special offers, invitations to follow you on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, or contact forms asking for information are examples of such features.

    Technical development is vital in order to offer fast webpage loading times. When browsing websites, users tend to leave if content takes too long to load.

    Ways of improving page speed include smaller image sizes, http requests, database queries and so on. We pay attention to all details and, where possible, use the cache system and other technology to improve loading time or page speed.

    A website is not an independent tool, but vital element of a general marketing strategy. When we design your website, we will consider it to be part of your marketing materials, all of which should be coherent with your brand message and general communication.