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From consultancy to fully managed email marketing services, your dedicated account manager can provide solutions to any member of the hotel and travel industry.

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    Esario suggests putting in place an automated email system: upon confirmation of a booking, before arrival and after the client's stay in a hotel. This is in addition to the sending of personalised offers and newsletters selected according to the client sector.

    Email marketing should reflect your customer segmentation, in order to enable you to send relevant and attention-catching messages to each segment. Let’s have a look at some examples within Esario’s market field:

    • Hotels should to be able to send customised email to each of their customer segments: leisure or business travellers, tour operator, FIT, coach, government bodies…. They should also take into consideration the channel used.
    • For winemakers, some of the segments are : private clients, bars, restaurants, hotels, wine cellars, supermarket, markets/fairs, country-specific importers…

    After reflecting on the best way to approach each segment, Esario can help you design your newsletter or emails and manage the emailing of your databases respecting all the legal requirements.

    • Template design
    • Landing page design
    • Html email
    • Integration into your email marketing software (e.g. mailchimp)

    Email marketing should relay information promoted on other online channels: display advertising, PPC, online press releases and so on. With that in mind, sending a newsletter with information about your products/services/promotions is the basis of your email marketing strategy. If you want your message to go viral in order to increase your number of email subscribers, you should try to organise an event or competition of some sort.

    • Copywriting
    • Conversion optimisation
    • List management
    • Automated email
    • Tracking
    • Reporting
    • Testing