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    Discover our content marketing methodology

    When creating a content marketing strategy for a hotel or a travel brand, we plan the various types of messages that we will promote during the year in order to attract and convert potential buyers; determine what form the resulting piece of content should take (infographic, video, game etc.) and define the channels we will distribute your content.

    In the travel industry, your content is mainly related to your destination and to your property but can also covers topics such as:

    • Local events
    • Special offers or packages
    • New products or services
    • Financial results and the opening of new hotels
    • Humanitarian projects, participation in eco-friendly projects or sustainable development
    • Vouchers
    • Games and competitions
    • Sponsoring – co-branding
    • ….

    Your messages can take the following formats:

    • Text
    • Video
    • Ebook
    • Banners
    • Online games
    • Questionnaire

    Once we have planned both the type of message and its format, we will adapt and distribute your content on all relevant online or offline channels, depending on your targets.

    Some online channels:

    • Travel blogs
    • Online press
    • Forum
    • Customer reviews sites
    • Social networks
    • Couponing websites
    • Quality directories
    • Email marketing
    • Sponsored links: Adwords

    Some offline channels

    • Newspapers
    • TV
    • Radio
    • Magazines
    • Outdoor advertising