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    Discover our banner design services

    Take a look at the key features of our banner and skyscraper design services. Read more about the typologies of online banners and adapting your message to the dimensions and formats accepted by your advertising partners.

    All good reasons to choose Esario for your online banner campaigns:

    • Hotel and travel industry experts
    • Professional quality and short delivery time
    • Unsatisfied customers get their money back
    • Display network expertises

    Key steps for successful banners:

    • Easily identifiable logo
    • Good click rates
    • Eye-catching images clearly separated from the text
    • Communication: immediately readable and relevant to your guests
    • Consistency between medias and different formats: jpeg, png, gif, swf, flash, videos

    Static banner: remain motionless, unchanging and still until the visitor leaves the web page. Not as appealing as animated banners but are much smaller in size. Png, jpeg…

    Animated banner: simple animation rotating a maximum of 4 images. They attract a higher click through rate than static Banner Ads. The animation may stop after the cycle is completed, or can continue by looping the file. Those banners can be made in flash when animation is more complex.

    Expandeable banner: splash screen banner or enlargeable banner that covers a large part of a webpage for a certain amount of time, or until user action. When closed the banner returns to its standard dimension.

    Intrusive transparent: banner with moving objects that invade the webpage with a transparent effect that not completely hide the webpage. Normally, the banner takes its standard dimension when closed.

    Intriguing banner (star people talking without audio): banner of a classical dimension and position (head, left, right) but with a mute conversation between two or more people… The user must click the volume button to listen.

    Corner peel banner – also known as peel banners, page peels or magic corners: displayed in the corner of a webpage. The animation peels over the webpage, displaying the whole ad, once the user moves the mouse over the animation peel in the top corner (usually the right). These types of banner ads are not considered annoying to most viewers.

    Quiz / Gaming banner: banner proposing a test or quiz to intrigue users. Can be animated or static.

    Background banner: a static but large banner occupying the entire page background. Also called “Wallpaper ad banner”

    Video ad: video loaded on a video-sharing website such as Youtube or Vimeo and embedded on your webpage.

    Complete advertising page (background, side banner, header banner): strong campaign occupying all banner spaces on a webpage. Normally  background and various spaces within the page features static and animated banners.