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AdsMio – “Google AdWords development software”

Our tool complementing Google Adwords API to develop large AdWords campaigns within the accommodation sector. Keyword list generator within many AdGroups and with customized ads.

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    Automate the creation and management of large SEM campaigns

    AdsMio has been specially conceived for Online Travel Agencies and large hotel groups dealing with a large inventory of hotels, villas and apartments in many destinations and buying keywords in several languages.

    At Esario, we are accustomed to managing and optimising AdWords/Bing Ads accounts containing millions of keywords.

    Thanks to our own tool AdsMio, we can quickly develop and maintain well-structured campaigns. AdsMio automatically generates AdGroups, keywords and ads respecting AdWords best practices. Using standardised names and organisations of your ad groups and campaigns that are adapted to the products and services you offer helps us to better manage your campaigns. It allows the Google Adwords manager to easily filter information about a set of keywords, make decisions and make relevant adjustments to your campaign bids and settings.

    AdsMio is a keyword-generating tool specially designed for large hotel chains or Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) to create new ads and new campaigns on Google Adwords or Bing Ads.

    Ideal for buying many new keywords on “exact” match, decreasing cost and increasing conversion.

    AdsMio is also a useful tool for generating SEO-friendly URLs and testing different scenarios of meta tags templates depending on length of your keywords. It helps us to set rules to clean your raw data and generate clean SEO snippets on Google organic search results. It also avoids having duplicate landing pages targeting the same keywords.

    Once all rules are set, your web developer will receive detailed technical specifications to implement onto your websites.